Terms and Shipping

Pricing for promotional goods is based on a number of factors, including volume, imprint method, logo size and complexity and colours. You can trust Prestige Giftware Ltd to find the best prices to suit your needs. We will always tell you up front of any extra costs which may be associated with your order. The list below illustrates some of the common costs associated with promotional products.

Screen Printing (apparel and other textiles)
Unlike embroidery, the price of screen printing is determined by the number of colours in the imprint, not size. The reason for this is that screens have to be physically created for each colour of a design, and that process is labour intensive.

Embroidery pricing is determined by the thread count of the artwork. The number of colours does not affect the price of embroidery. For us to provide an accurate embroidery price, we first need to get a stitch count estimate of your logo. We can provide this at no charge based on any version of your logo (jpg, pdf, gif, tiff, etc.). Once we have determined the stitch count, we can provide pricing based on the total quantity of items ordered.

Unlike screen printing, there are no additional charges if you want to change the thread colour of your logo on various items (as long as the same digitised file is used). For example, you may order 10 black tennis shirts with white embroidery, 15 white hats with red embroidery, and 25 red fleeces with blue embroidery.Your order will still qualify for 50-piece pricing.

Also unlike screen printing, with embroidery there is only a one-time set-up fee for most logos. Embroidery files are digital, so once they are created, they do not need to be created again.

Most non-apparel products include a one-colour pad printed imprint in their price. Extra charges usually apply for more than one colour. There are many products that allow for four-colour processing, and some allow photo printing.

Engraving/Embossing/Blind Embossing
Engraving is a personalisation method used on metal products such as stainless steel travel mugs, pocket knives, desk accessories and metal writing instruments. Embossing/Blind Embossing is used primarily on leather or imitation leather products such as coasters, bags and leather apparel. Both methods typically have artwork set-up costs but the actual imprinting is included in the price of your product.

Set-up Costs
Many manufacturers and imprinters require a set-up fee for artwork. In some cases, this is a one-time fee and the charge will not be repeated should you choose to use the exact same artwork again for a future order. Set-up fees vary with different product types.

Artwork Creation Costs
For other imprinting methods, artwork must meet the criteria outlined on our artwork specification page.

Price Breaks
The pricing on most promotional products goes down as quantity increases. We will always let you know if your order qualifies for a break in price based on quantity. There are minimum order quantities required for many of our products. These minimums vary depending on the type of product. There are no minimums for unbranded clothing.

We maintain excellent relations with our suppliers and our freight companies. We will always ensure that your products will be shipped at a competitive rate.